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SHMG stands behind everything that comes out of their professional kitchens. When you want the type of food that will put a smile on your face all day, call on SHMG. Around here we use the term "Taste Bud Explosion" to describe our recipes. SHMG literally sits in the kitchen creating new dishes by adding and removing fresh ingredients until they find the Prefect Taste. Then they share that perfection with the world. Every single dish was hand selected and tested a "million times over" by SHMG staff. We guarantee satisfaction!

School Nutrition: Menus

Our desire at Southern Hospitality Management Group [SHMG], is to not only to serve quality food and providing outstanding services that speak to the nutritional needs of your students, but having a contributory role in supporting your mission and aspirations.

SHMG adopts K-12 Health Education Curriculum aligned with the United States Department of Commerce Content Standards with Benchmarks and Performance Standards. Our health education curriculum is aligned to these standards. Health Education curriculum is incorporated at all grade levels. The K-12 District Health Education is available for review at your district headquarters website.

KIPPS:Memphis Menus

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