S&H Building Maintenance

Maintenance is our business


General Janitorial Maintenance

SHMG, Inc., provides thorough cleaning services for buildings and offices of all sizes. Nothing escapes our notice, from floor waxing to dusting the blinds. SHMG offers nightly or weekly cleaning services to meet each client's unique needs and budget. Trust us to ensure your building always looks professional and well kept.

Construction Cleanups

Whether you've remodeled an existing building or built a new one, construction work always leaves telltale marks and messes. SHMG gets your building in working order fast. We clean and wipe down floors, cabinetry, windows, carpeting and more. Make sure the inside of your new space looks as good as the outside.

Water Restoration Services

SHMG is available 24 hours a day to help our clients recover from unexpected water damage. Our crews are trained to extract the water and salvage as much of your property as possible. We then dry out and dehumidify the entire space to keep it free of mold and mildew. Our goal is always to repair and restore your building back to normal with as little disruption as possible.